My First Time on Periscope was Ridiculous + Why You Should Do It Too!

Holy smokes ya'll! I did my first live broadcast on Periscope and the things that I hoped wouldn't happen pretty much happened.  

Dogs barking (one of which is a 170-pound great dane.  Think LOUD!)

The Hubster came home early and made a cameo by making faces. 

The Small One video-bombing by jumping around in the background.

Know what happened? The universe didn't shatter and I survived to blog about it.

Two weeks ago I decided to amp up my Twitter game and came across peeps buzzing about Periscope.  I found out this new buzz was a Snapchat/YouTube hybrid of sorts. Periscope is simply a live streaming app owned by Twitter that you can download to your phone and watch broadcasts worldwide or create your own for the world to see.   Lucky me, when I created my account, I stumbled upon some super sharp, genius status, rad outlookers sharing their secret how-to sauce about business and living life fun and I'm telling you - I was hooked! I learned more in the last two weeks over the things I'm passionate about than I have in the last 6 months - sad I know.  That's not my point though.  My point is this - this changes the game ya'll to tv viewing.  I can't tell you the last time I watched anything live on tv but  because the broadcasts (or scopes) lasts 24-48 hours (I don't really know at this point, but it's not long - so take notes.), Periscope creates this sense of urgency to watch now. And because it's live, you get to watch the broadcaster completely raw, unfiltered and IRL (in real life).  The icing? You can give the broadcaster hearts if you dig what they're saying (way cute), comment for some interaction with the broadcaster or those who've joined in (way fun) and share with your network (way cool). 

Mind. Blown. Fo sho.

3 Reasons Why You, Your Brand, Your Business should be on Periscope.

  1. Social media connections become true connections.  Working from home, my "co-workers" were those I connected with on Twitter.  We stopped and chatted by the virtual drinking fountain throughout the day and if they're local, we might meet up.  With Periscope, the broadcaster isn't just live but alive! You get to hear their voice, see them smile, acknowledge you by name once you've joined the broadcast and they answer your question in that moment - no waiting for a response. 
  2. Live testimonies from clients to prospects.  I used to take testimonial videos when I was building my photography portfolio and post them on YouTube.  (I've since taken them down but if you make it to the end of this post, you might be able to see some of them.) The videos were taken on my Droid, no editing, straight upload to YouTube that led viewers to either my website or then Flickr site.  How much cooler would it have been if it was live? Prospects can follow you, get notified that you're live and they can get an in-the-moment review and ask the client their own questions.  I can tell you that I landed a few gigs based on those YouTube videos so I truly believe, if utilized correctly, you can land a few of your own gigs using Periscope.
  3. It's super easy and fun (did I mention that already) and such an incredible tool to deliver value to your audience in real time.  I cannot express my gratitude enough to those I'm almost stalking! Seriously, I've learned so much in the last 2 weeks that I've needed to limit my scope watching to give myself time to implement a few of these new things. How much value can you give? TONS! Everyone knows something about something and can deliver it in a way to someone else in the exact way they've needed to hear it to learn.  Did ya get that? Ok. It's simple - if you're not on Periscope, today's the day.  Get on it my friend and connect with me - @agirlinspired. (I'm SO EXCITED!)

PS:  Here's my first scope (insert super red blushing face here).

PPS: You made it to the end! As promised, you can find my client testimonies from a few years ago here.

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