The Ultimate Instagram Game Changer Workbook


I just recently revamped my site, so as you go through older posts, you'll see that the formatting is different.  Formatting is a big deal for me but that's for another post on another day. I've been contemplating between going the minimalist route or the most encouraged blogging rule of using images.  As you can see, I've chosen the road less traveled.  Especially for a photographer - ha! Well, roads lead to adventure and today's image free adventure brings us to my new project just for all ya'll - The Ultimate Instagram Game Changer Workbook! { insert muffled crowd cheer here }

As a person who loves looking at pictures and for the simple fact that I've been in an affair with Instagram since the day I hit install, I've decided to purposefully seek high and low for what makes our favorite brands stand out.  Let me tell you, for a picture app, bringing your business to Instagram is definitely a strategy game.  But - have no fear! I'm not talking saving-the-planet-from-aliens-on-fourth-of-July type of strategy, more like playing-Phase-10-with-a-beer-in-hand-on-a-summer-afternoon kind of strategy.  Once you know the steps, you just play them.  That's it.  And that's what I'm laying out in this workbook, the steps.

Whether you're new to Instagram or if you're only looking to close a few gaps, I'm so excited to share this with you.  By now, we all know how valuable - even essential - Instagram can be for building our business or brand. But navigating without direction can be overwhelming so I hope to provide a simple step-by-step guide to successfully play the Instagram game.

What's in the playbook? Let me count the ways:

  • The Value of Instagram and Social Media
  • Crafting a Killer Bio
  • 10 Habits to Help You Thrive
  • Prep Posts Like You Meal Prep Worksheet
  • Attracting Your Dream Audience Worksheet
  • Apps to Bring to the Game
  • The Strength is in your Story
  • Hashtag Like a Boss in 10 Niche Markets
  • The Pod People

I hope you find this to be one of the most comprehensive Instagram resources available and no matter your Insta-skills, there's plenty info here to stay on top of your game. I know there's a lot of game analogies, that was the last one. For now. Maybe. But be the first to get your hands on it in April by signing up here or by clicking the Free Workbook link below. Tell your friends, tell your friends' friends, share the love because empowered people empower people.

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