Evolving & The Flexible Dream

You read how I got started working from home.  That was merely a simple solution to meet our childcare needs. What I didn't realize it would do, is wake me up to find my own independence and creative powers.

About 2 years of singing wheels on the bus and reading one fish, two fish for the umpteenth time, I started creating ads for other entrepreneurs. The ads turned into websites.  Websites turned into consulting.  One consulting session turned into a job interview.  The gal I was chatting with wanted to get started in event photography.  I designed her ads and website and ran full force with her marketing campaign.  She started getting prospects and she asked me to help her shoot events.  I had always enjoyed snapping pictures and attending events, so why not? 

Why. Not.

Those are the words that get me every time.  Shortly after, I ended up getting my first camera and getting mentored by two incredible creative masterminds.  I will always be grateful to them.  {I hope you know who you are.} 

Photography rocked my world and to my surprise I was able to get some really good gigs. My first year of doing photography, I shot 23 weddings and countless family and model sessions. Soon enough I was doing the things I wanted.  Right? Design. Photography. Coffee shops. My own hours. Then, I woke up one morning and I knew this isn't exactly what I wanted to be doing. I didn't want to be featured in Modern Bride or Parent magazine. I'm more of a Life and Rolling Stone cover type of gal.  With this wake up call, I found I needed a different strategy to get to where I want to be.  I needed to redevelop and redesign what I was offering and how I was offering it.  Then I discovered, this is a very common practice with creatives.  The practice of evolving and living a flexible dream.  

My dad is an engineer. He is very methodical and precise. I grew up trying to fit that mold, not that it's bad.  It's actually a good mold and has helped me in so many ways, but it's not my mold, being an engineer is not my dream.  For my entire life, he's always been an engineer and for the last 20 years or so, he's been with the same company.  Some people are wired like my dad and completely happy - and my dad is a happy guy.  Some people move from one industry to another to another until they find their niche and even within that niche, pinpointing where they want to be can be a process.  That's me.  Some people embrace this process and are able to work toward their goals faster, that's not me.  I was so determined to be like my dad - I mean, he's a pretty cool guy - that I missed opportunities where I can thrive being the person I am wired to be.  By not having a flexible dream, I stunted my growth and now playing a wonderful game of catch up. 

Dream. Learn. Do. Evolve. Embrace. Repeat. And be flexible with your dreams.

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