{ The 2015 Itch }


Just like that, 2015 opened it's doors and 2014 was gone.  As I watched 2014 shut it's doors, I realized what stood out the most was that it was a transition year for me.  I moved from working at home into an office away from home.  This meant I can no longer throw in a load of laundry during a break, watch the newest Castle episode while I ate my lunch or see the Littles as soon as they got home from school. Like all decisions, there are advantages and disadvantages and sometimes the hardest choice to make is the best thing to do and working away from home was just that.  However, the schedule change thing was a HUGE thing for me. And really quite difficult.

But a full year of transitioning later, you better believe mama's got her groove back!

3 things I'm itching to put into play this year:

1.  Adventures. I found that playing around with our schedule last year, trying to make life less crazy only made them more crazy and my circus was adventureless { insert sad face here }.  We ended up living for the weekend which meant chores first and then maybe, possibly doing something if we weren't too pooped from running errands and cleaning house.  Our default was heading over to my parents' house to hang out but let's face it, although relaxing and cool, not exactly an adventure.  

This year, I will take the Circus on monthly adventures whether or not it's a school night.  God gave us seven days, we must use them wisely.  This Saturday will launch our year with a snow day. { Insert happy and freaked out face here. }


2. Connecting & Community.  In case you didn't know, I'm very much an introvert. Surprise! I refuel with alone time, doing whatever I want.  The Circus leaves so I can get some tv or reading time in and on occasion I've been known to explore the town on my own.  Either way, I need it.  A lot.  However, when I'm re-energized, I can be quite the talker { that's your one and only warning }.  I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them and finding out what gets them excited.  I love connecting people with others who they might benefit from or who will benefit from knowing them.  It's fun.  Like a puzzle. Odd duck, I know, but seriously so. much. fun.  Here's the cool thing, that's not even my super power, we all have the ability to do it plus we're kinda called to build a community, check it out.  

So, in 2015 I will be calling up some gals, texting acquaintances, reconnecting with peeps, putting a call out on Instagram and building a tribe.  I already have my local peeps who I have brunch dates with periodically but just because we're not in the same town, doesn't mean we can't do great things together.  After all, we have these little devices that can do just about everything but make breakfast.  Hit. Me. Up. Like for rizzle if you're in! This year is going to be PHENOMENAL and I want you to be apart of it! 

3. Growth. Friends, I must say, it feels so good to turn the page and enter the new year.  I'm so excited about the possibilities that 2015 brings.  In the last post, Wendy talks about "more" { read it, it's really impactful } and I've decided that will be my word for this year { thanks Ms. Wendy }.  I'm not talking about one more fry or pancake, or one more song or episode.  I'm talking about one more client a month than last year and running one more mile each week than the week before.  More time with God, family and friends.  More laughter. More reading.  More fitness. More photography. More water. More risks. More dreams.  More posts. More creativity. More courage. More steps forward.  Even if it's one step more, that is still more than last year. Although I'm thrilled with the accomplishments and outcome of 2014, this year will be so much, well...more.  

The 2015 itch is in full effect.  Let's do this thang!

It's time to pimp your awesome!

It's time to pimp your awesome!