Take Note: Me on The Sparrow Co. & Being Endlessly Curious

Jimmy's Barber Garage, Midtown Sacramento

Jimmy's Barber Garage, Midtown Sacramento

As I waited for The Boy to finish at the barber shop and he shot me looks to get off Snapchat, I sat down to peruse the Rolling Stone magazine on the lobby table.  The last page had a feature called "The Last Word" which was an insightful and entertaining interview with an artist. I picked up another issue and flipped to the back to read that issue's "The Last Word" and again, insightful and entertaining.  The warm fuzzies that it gave me reminded me of the Instagram post that Ariel of Be Free Proclamation made the other day. She quoted something I had said in an interview she did for The Sparrow Co. I know, it's weird that my own quote gave me the warm fuzzies, but it did and I'll tell you why in a sec, but those warm fuzzies led us here to Take Note.

Although the interview I did for Sparrow for Ariel was just a month ago, reading her Instagram post reminded me, amongst all the holiday busyness, what I had forgotten ~ Be endlessly curious. Be grateful. Be satisfied. And everyday you open your eyes, do it all over again. For her to quote me is super cool but not because it was something I said (ok, maybe a little), but mainly because someone said something that made enough of an impact for her to share.  How many creatives do you know? I know quite a few and they are quite insightful and entertaining themselves.  I'm willing to bet that we can learn tons from them.

So, I declare, from this day forward until no more creatives want to share their story, we will take note of the crazy genius things other creatives have to share with us.  Thank you Rolling Stone for once again being an inspiration and thank you Ariel for being as awesome as Rolling Stone.

Deciding on how to begin this series was pretty simple.  I want to introduce you to a project that's been long coming - The Sparrow Co.  Here is the interview I did with Be Free Proclamation.  Original published post is linked below.

Hi Sarah, Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! I have always been a creative hustler, with memories going back to when I was 7 years old. I never lost my thirst or desire to learn and have been blessed to have seen and experienced different business marketing strategies. Learning these strategies, utilizing the talents that I’ve been given and sharpening my skills, I’m finally able to work toward something I feel really good about. And it feels super gratifying.

His Sparrow Baseball Tee

His Sparrow Baseball Tee

Tell us about your products.
The Sparrow Co. currently offers positive statement t-shirts and will soon add other apparel and product items such as prints, totes, mugs and more.  We also feature a charity every 2 weeks and $10 of each t-shirt purchased will be donated to the featured charity. There are plans to also support local workshops that focus on helping individuals move their lives forward and dreams of pop up shops everywhere!

How did you get started?
The thoughts of Sparrow started over a year ago.  Between then and about 2 months ago, I had looked for and communicated with different screen printing companies until I found the one I currently work with.  Then 2 months ago, I started searching for and decided on an online store platform, started creating designs, and spreading the word using Instagram.

Take us through a normal day.
Coincidentally and unexpectedly, The Sparrow Co. launched on the same day my son received a kidney transplant on November 11th. Since then, I’ve been staying in the hospital with my son so my “normal” day is currently spent in the hospital. Thankfully, Sparrow is not so high maintenance.  I check on the status of orders, reply to any emails, I’ve partnered with another creative who will give one of her jewelry pieces to our first customers, so I let her know of any new customers so she can reach out to them about their custom piece, I check social media platforms to respond, comment and follow, create new posts for future shares on social media and connect with organizations or creatives to collaborate with.

What is your mission at the Sparrow Co?
My mission with The Sparrow Co. is to transform as many people as possible into positive, passionate and productive individuals and followers of Jesus by glorifying God through our products and marketing efforts. We also reach out to our neighbors and unleash our faith to love our neighborhood by partnering with others who share the same mission and giving to those in need.

How to you select the charities?
Honestly, I don’t have a system – yet. I chose to launch on November 11th because it gave me enough time to prepare to open and since it was Veteran’s Day, I wanted to honor veterans. Because of my son’s medical situation, I’ve spent a lot of time staying in hospitals so the Fisher House stood out since they offer free housing to family members of veterans receiving long term hospital care. The next non-profit I will be featuring is an organ donor service, again because I can relate. And now Be Free Proclamation!

Anything else you would like to add?
Yes! 2 things. First, Free T-shirt Tuesdays – we will be implementing Free T-shirt Tuesday’s soon to perk up your week! Once a month, a random subscriber will be chosen to receive a free tee so make sure you subscribe for it on our site. Plus, as a subscriber, you’ll also be first to receive product news and discount codes that are exclusive to only subscribers (coz y’all be the bizzle).

Secondly, if there’s a dream out there waiting for you, hustle baby! Hustle your heart out and get it! Be endlessly curious. Be grateful. Be satisfied. And everyday you open your eyes, do it all over again.

Original post found here.

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