SumoMe + 2 More List Building Tools

In my last  post,  I mentioned my slight obsession with  Periscope.  If you missed it,  you can read it here.  In one of my first scopes watching Spencer Smith (@SpencerXSays), he mentioned using SumoMe.  So I checked it out and seriously,  WOW. What a super user-friendly,  super simple,  super list builder.  Thanks Spence!

Do you see the share buttons on the left? The sign up bar on the top of the screen? And you should be seeing a pop up any minute now (unless you were here within the last 24 hours). All compliments of SumoMe. I've used different pop up plug ins and this by far is the easiest to use with alot of zing.  If you're feeling overwhelmed without even logging in ~ stop it. You can totally do this.  Fo rizzle.

2 More List Building Tools I Use

1. Mailchimp. I've worked with different email marketing campaign tools and Mailchimp is most definitely my fave. It is cleaner and prettier than others I've worked with which makes it less work-y for me (Yep, that word just happened).  They have plenty of templates to choose from so you can be up and running within minutes yet they give you the freedom to customize  to your heart's  desire. Plus Mr. Mailchimp himself is a little bit of a cutie.

2. SlickText. Originally I was searching for a way to create a virtual business card. I found SlickText to fulfill that need and discovered it's an excellent email capture tool.  When I meet someone and give them my text word, the auto respond provides my basic business info.  Not a second later, another message pops up asking for an email in exchange for something. Currently, it's to receive my Pimp Your Awesome monthly newsletter which, by the way, you're signed up for right? If not, you can sign up on the bar up top or the pop up I mentioned earlier.  [ wink wink ] 

To make this a little easier, I have some screenshots to share with ya.  

I had a friend of mine test it out (and to check my grammar because well, I'm fluent in hashtag and super-awesome design, not so much in English) and because I included my web address in my auto-reply, my page snippet popped up.  Not sure why it showed up for her and not me, probably because I'm due for an upgrade.  BUT that just tells me that I really dig this service.

There you have it.  Some super simple tools I use to build my email list. The icing, are you ready for it, all are FREE.  How can you not get with that?! If you get stuck holla at me.  If you've got questions, feel free to comment below.  If you've got two more seconds, please go to a share button on the left and make sure it's working [ insert super smiley face here ].

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