Oh Summer, Where Art Thou?

Here it is - April and so far this year, Mother Nature has been one moody chick in NorCal. Sometimes she's in a great mood and nothing but sunshine and palm trees and others, nothing but thundershowers and a high pollen count.  You'd think that I'd be used to this weather by now - I'm not.  She's shifting a bit and it's throwing me off my appointment game.  I am ready for summer and she teases me with summer-like weather every few days.  I was able to take advantage of one those typical sunny California days with Veronica in Downtown Sacramento. I've lived in this town for over 20 years and I can't believe it's just now that I'm finding out how cool this city is and how it's full of little pretty nooks.  Take a look:

Meanwhile, as I wait look out my window and see the clouds and listen to rain fall against the window, I'll just sip on my coffee and finish working on The Ultimate Instagram Game Changer. Have you signed up to get it yet??

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