Abs are Cool and All but...When Excuses Win

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You know how you'll be driving along on the freeway, windows rolled down, singing pretty loudly to your jam and then you see traffic up ahead? You slow down, you sing a little quieter, you come to a stop and when you look around, you're just in a sea of cars? And you know how you start to creep and after a minute or so, that gridlock traffic you were just in is completely gone, you speed up and get back to your normal speed and back on track seeing no signs as to why you were even stopped in the first place? You know what I'm talking about? That's my schedule right now. My mojo has been totally thrown out of whack and now I'm trying to get things back how they were so I can start singing my jam as loud as I want once again.

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But here's the thing, there actually is a reason why traffic stopped. We may not have seen it happen, but it did happen - someone got pulled over, a little minor accident, a near miss even? Whatever the reason, whether or not we saw it coming, it did happened and it threw a little kink in the flow of traffic and the kink can be for a blink of a second or it can last for what seems to be forever. This is what happens when we let excuses win in our day.  It can throw us off for a quick minute or for a very long time. We may not even see the excuses until it it's too late.

I had an influx of work come in and because I love the work I'm doing, I have this habit of drowning myself in it and I've excused myself from my usual workout routine.  And now, today, I'm seeing the results of what happens when I say, "it's just this week," 3 weeks in a row of inconsistent work outs.  Do I still go? Yes, but less than my usual and I haven't changed my eating habits so I'm starting to look a little fluffy these days. Does it bother me? Absolutely. Not only can I see the physical effects but I feel less energized. So now, I need to work double time to get rid of the fluff and dread the feeling of all the soreness until I get back into shape. So not cool.

Other excuses that I let win in my life and the effects:

  • Just one more episode - and suddenly it's 1am and I'm useless at 6am.
  • Just one more beer - and suddenly I'm bloated the next day.
  • Just one more hour of work - and suddenly I'm rushing through other tasks to catch up to my scheduled routine.

More excuses I hear around me:

  • I don't have time.
  • It's too hard.
  • I'm waiting for the perfect time.
  • I don't have the right tools.
  • I'm so tired.
  • I'm too young.
  • I'm too old.
  • I don't know how.
  • I'm not smart enough.
  • I don't have the experience.
  • I don't have the right connections.
  • I don't know anyone.
  • Maybe when the kids are older.
  • I'm scared.
  • I don't have a degree.
  • I have a degree in something else.
  • I've been told I can't do it.
  • Too much competition.
  • The industry is saturated.
  • No one has ever done it before.
  • Everything has to be perfect before I can begin.
  • I don't want to fail.
  • I don't think I can do it.

And you're right.  Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." Our thoughts are a powerful thing and we have this incredible ability to justify why we can't do something and it always seems so...reasonable.  Excuses are not really reasons though my friend, they're just how we allow ourselves to do the easier thing and recognize it as being realistic, responsible or even smart. I know it only takes me 2 weeks of consistent hard workout days to get back into my desired shape, because I know this, I'll push back on working out without keeping in mind that the workouts are what help me feel good too. 

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We can only succeed when we stop telling ourselves why we can't do something and replace it with why we will do things. 

  • I will work out so I'm not dead tired at the end of the day and I have more energy in the morning. 
  • I will open a daycare because it will solve my daycare and income problem.
  • I will start a photography service with my dad's old SLR because it makes me feel all the feels!
  • I will get out of my comfort zone and reach out to people because hearing their story fuels my fire.
  • I will get a plane ticket and join the church I don't attend on that mission trip because I am able to contribute and makes my heart happy.
  • I will hustle hard for the next 5 years because I want that house in Mexico and want to enjoy it sooner than later.

We can only succeed when we stop telling ourselves why we can't and start living a life we love!

What tips do you have on overcoming excuses to take action? Drop a comment below!

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