2016: The Year to Make Your Face Shine

She walked confidently knowing that with every ending, something new begins! - Jane Lee Logan

It's been a week since we've welcomed the new year with a kiss and everyone I see is embracing the fresh start.  Each new year brings renewed optimism and hope for taking action, for change, for making life better.  It's wonderful to see.  Motivating really. The new year allows us to let go of last year's baggage and to move forward with our lives in the direction we want to go.

Possibilities are endless!

The gift of the new year, like most gifts we receive, is exciting when new but with time, the newness rubs off and the excitement with it.  Let's make the most of this gift my friends! Let the sparkle of this gift shine throughout the year! Not just with resolutions, but by embracing action and moving our lives forward.

3 Steps to Making the Most of 2016

1. Let go. When I look back to my own personal 2015, I can see failures, emotions, boundaries. This is all old baggage.  I know it can be easier said than done, but you can free yourself from the tangled web holding you down from changing your career, getting healthy, spending time with your loved ones, doing the things that make your face shine.

I understand that it's too hard to change, or there are more pressing items on the to-do list, but ask yourself this, "what are you exchanging, sacrificing to stay where you are today?"

At the stroke of midnight, your fresh new start - started. So let go of the failures, the fears.  Let go of the reluctance and resistance.  Let go of what you think your life has to be like and your inherited beliefs and habits.  Let go of last year and, for some of you, the previous years before that.  It's time to embrace the life you have fearlessly, resistant-free and to reinvent who you are knowing what you believe in and habits you will partake in.

At the stroke of midnight, you were given permission to start anew. 

2. Decide on your focus. If you're like me, you have your favorite blogs and news websites or social platforms.  You might even have nagging chores, errands and work that calls your name at random times for attention.  It's time to decide what matters most today and to focus on that.  Don't sync your notifications, don't check your email every hour, clear the clutter and focus on what matters most to you, to your life.  Yes, I know you want to roll your eyes on that one, but let that one sink in for a second.  Last year, I didn't sync my phone to notify me of every little thing - and I. Loved. It. For reals.  I checked my email 3 times a day, read blog posts once a day for an hour, scheduled social platform appearances.  In return, I got more time.

I get you have a job.  Me too. 

I get you have responsibilities. Me too.

All I'm saying, why not shift your focus from the mundane over to what excites you? Invigorates you? Almost every single person I know is focused on the other.  When was the last time you thought of what would give you the most fulfillment? Do you know what that is? Do that!

Usually the answer is in helping other people, accomplishing something you would be proud of, creating something, becoming a better person.  Whatever it is, think about it when you wake up and keep it clear in your mind.  Everyday - do it.

It might be something you work on all year, or it might last a month or just a few days.  That doesn't matter, what does matter is that you're going at it with your heart today.  When you're done, decide on what you will focus on next and do that.

3. Find your happy.  By letting go of the old junk and holding on to whatever matters most, happiness is possible.  Reinvent yourself, transform your life, focus on it every day and be happy! The most important thing yesterday might be the most important thing today, or it might not be.  That isn't important.  What's important is today - right now.

Be passionate, be intentional, be happy, right now.

When you wake, every single day, you will have a fresh start - not just at the stroke of midnight on January 1st.  And that my friend, is the best thing ever.

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