The Time My Son was Hijacked for 32 Days (& I Thought the World was Ending)

There have been many scary events that have happened in my life, as I'm sure you've had your own share of such events.  When I was 19, I left everyone and everything I knew in California to live in Corpus Christi, Texas. It took me six months to figure out their freeway system and what "feeder roads" were.  Later that year, I had girly parts that exploded inside of my body that needed fixing.  I became the 1 chick out of 20 that it happened to.  There was the time I was a twenty-something single mom to a little boy and I had a commission only job - talk about pressure.  Then, almost two years ago, that same little boy was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease called nephrotic syndrome. More specifically FSGS.  Last week, we found out that it's so rare, there aren't even studies out on it yet. Yay. {That's sarcasm.}

For the last two years, he's had monthly blood tests and on September 3, 2015, the Hubs and I got a call that he needed to go to the ER stat.  That evening, we basically signed a lease agreement and moved in for the next 32 days.

Within that time, I saw my once active 15 year old unable to pick up pills, take a drink or sit up on his own, let alone get up and walk.  I saw a port coming out of his neck so he can be hooked up to a machine that would clean out his blood, because his body couldn't do it anymore.  I saw him cry one night saying that he just wanted to be better.

It felt like the world was ending, but I'm writing now so obviously it didn't end.

My boy cried once. One time.  He had a biopsy, 2 surgical procedures, was dialized, nauseous, tired, and extremely bored out of his mind and he cried once in those 32 days.  Although this huge, ridiculously scary, life-altering event was happening in his life - he kept a smile on his face and thanked each person that came into his room for visiting, dropping off a meal, bringing him meds, mopping the floor - anything.  Although he knew had had 15% kidney function (and continuing to decline), that didn't stop him from being the light in someone else's day.

Humans have evolved and have come a long way, but our feelings of survival haven't.  So things like moving to a new city, learning new things, a stressful job situation, launching a new project, handling a new normal way of living can stir up feelings like being chased by a heard of woolly mammoths giving you the feeling of running into your cave.  That was me.  I wanted to go in my cave and hide when my son was first hospitalized.  I also want to hide when I have a tight deadline or have to attend a networking event.  

Here's my bottom line - just because it may feel like the end of the world, don't let those feelings stop you from shining and being the light you are created to be.  You will find your rhythm and create an incredible story that's not only worth sharing but worth living.  Now, get out there and light up the world!

If you want to follow my son's FSGS battle >> click here.

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