Come Run Awhile

If you've been following the party on Instagram, then you would know that I've been swooning over these hand stamped leather cuffs made by this fantastic gal who is a 5-star shopkeeper on Etsy.  Not only is she a creative go-getter, but she's also a kickbutt runner and..well, I'll let her tell you her story.

Who is comerunawhile?

  • wife
  • momma 
  • runner 
  • photo taker 
  • stuff maker 
  • and did I mention runner? 

Wife: I’ve been married 16 years, we have an ‘almost’ teenager...dear Lord, please help me! Although, they both are pretty neat! 

Momma: Yep, almost a teenager...hormones, eye rolls and I love you’s on a daily basis and last year I decided to home school? Secretly, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

Runner: Running is my passion, my,’s my “out”, my “thing” that I do even if it’s 4:50am and I’m gulping down coffee, heading to the gym in an effort to fit in a couple of miles before hubby leaves for work and my son wakes up!

I have been running for about 6 years which includes 3 half marathons, various 10ks, and multiple 5ks but it wasn’t until January 2013 that I began making those miles count. I didn’t run because I had a race or it sounded like fun at the time, I ran because I knew what it was like to stop and start over, and umm...that was really hard, much harder and I kinda liked it not “being hard!” I made myself a couple of goals to help me stick with it, once race per month for 2013 and to run a total of 200 miles by the end of the year. I can tell you now that 2013 was a complete success!

Fast forward to 2014 with a new goal of 350 miles and today, I am at 98% of my goal! Yep, pretty dang proud of that one! People ask me all the time, "how do you find the time” (along with “why would you want to even do that”) I don’t find it, I make it. If I went looking for it, I’m pretty sure it would be hiding from me. This is when I question the need for sleep; can you imagine what could be accomplished during those hours? Yes, for me, running.  It’s a priority but, I still make sure the laundry is done and people around here get fed. It’s just most likely that I’m doing it in a sports bra and Nike tempo shorts...just in case.

Photo Taker: I have a small love affair with my Canon DSLR, it’s been with me for many years, providing me with almost 10,000 photos on my computer, years of scrap booking of the above said “almost” teenager. And now, I am suppose to take photos with an iPhone? wah? 

Stuff Maker: Well, ya see ~ I love to make stuff! Another passion, I suppose. Earlier this year, I opened my second Etsy shop selling custom hand stamped leather cuffs! I have designed hand stamped pieces for several years.  The custom process is my absolute favorite! I love to hear a customer’s idea or their story, it may be a lyric from their favorite song, the Bible verse that gets them through a rough patch or the 26.2 miles that a fellow runner just completed. I get to design special messages near to their heart! How cool is that? 

So, this is who I am...a whole lot of crazy goes on in my life but to me, it’s pretty much perfect! 

Thank you, Sarah for having me! I enjoyed it.


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