Bad Hair Days: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

As ya'll should know by now, I love seeing my lady friends girl bossing it and really do my best to cheer them on! It's a scary path yo and I get it.  I talked a bit about that here.  I've learned that dudes typically compartmentalize everything in their lives whereas ladies keep everything connected.  If you don't know what that means exactly, let me break it down for you; when men are working, they are in their work box, when it's time to have fun, they get out of their work box and go into their fun box.  Fellas, feel free to tell me I'm wrong here but when it's time to do, ya'll are in your doing box and when it's time to feel, ya'll go in your feeling box.  Ladies on the other hand, typically have cause and effect connected to emotions which are connected to thoughts which connect to more emotions. It's complicated ya'll and women can feel and think and be doing and not doing all at the same time and it can be oh-so-tiring.  I need a nap just thinking and typing all that and I may need an ice cream to feel better.  And - yes, there's more - to top it off, ain't no chicky got time for bad hair days.

Fearlessness with hair changes gets you this hair nest.

Fearlessness with hair changes gets you this hair nest.

Well, if you're feeling what I'm saying, and you're looking for a side hustle or at least a way to keep from those bad hair days, hold on to your knickers because this is going to be good.  If you've been following me on Instagram, over the years, you would've seen that I cut and color as often as the season changes.  I just get bored ya'll and I am not afraid of change.  Well, with this fearlessness of hair change, brings on some dryness and brassiness.  About half a year ago, I noticed how insanely dry my hair was, how uneven my color was and what once was caramel had turned into brass. Whomp whomp. So, off to the hair dresser I went and found that the $8 shampoo and conditioner I was using was not the "good expensive stuff" and pretty much the equivalent of the "cheap barely cleans stuff".  Mind blown and quite disappointed.  She cut off several inches, fixed my color and gave me some brands to use to get my haircare back on track.

I ended up going with Kenra for colored hair and it each bottle had a nice hefty price tag on it but my hair needed some help ya'll so I was more than willing to pay to get it back to par.  The bottles lasted me 6 months, which doesn't make the cost so bad and when it was all said and done, my hair was softer.   I probably would've just gone back to the store to get more and maybe look for a hair masque in the same brand, if I didn't get a text from my friend Kris letting me know that she just opened up shop selling hair products.  I don't know about you, but when someone I know offers a product or service that I already pay for, why not check out what they have to offer? I would much rather know who my money is going to than just spend my money, know what I


mean jelly bean? Because I had just spent close to $100 for hair product, when I saw Kris' pricing, I was quite happy because it was less than $100 but more than $20, which according to my hair dresser is the way to go.

Let me tell you what, after I tried MONAT shampoo, conditioner and hair masque one time - my hair was the rizzle dizzle and no more fizzle mah nizzles. I know, that was a little much but I want you to know, Kris and her products are not messing around, this is some good stuff.  After my first use, not only was my hair softer, no frizz - like none - I'm about due for color touch-up and the brass that was starting to show was toned down.  At first, I was like woah man, am I seeing things? When I got up the next day, I knew I was not and I got a little excited about the future of no more bad hair days. 

Washed my hair yesterday morning, brushed it once when I got up and at 4:30pm it's still not frizzy and it's way soft!

Washed my hair yesterday morning, brushed it once when I got up and at 4:30pm it's still not frizzy and it's way soft!

So, not only are the ingredients all naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable but by recognizing the power of botanical oils took these products to the next level.  My husband noticed how good my hair smelled - that my friends is magic right there because this man of mine has never mentioned my hair smelling good in the 12 years that I've known him. I am not only satisfied with Kris' products, I went to her online shop and just purchased the dry shampoo because I'm a little bit of a gym rat.  I don't have time to wash my hair everyday or even every 2 days, so sometimes my hair is 90% dry shampoo.  I absolutely cannot wait to use it because I am sure that it will be like the other products and not disappoint. 

This girl will do amazing things opening up shop with MONAT products and I'm quite excited for her.  If you have the same problems with your hair that I did and want to check out Kris' shop, click here.  If you have questions, connect with her on Instagram here and shoot her a message.

For those wondering, she did not pay me to say these things.  I will only gush over products that I've used and truly love.  The fact that she's a girl boss and I'm just a huge advocate of side hustles, I think it's only right to fill you in on this treasure.

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