I Joined an Office. And I like it.

Some people join a mom group, or a gym; a month ago I joined an office. It's like a car club except instead of cars, we trick out our workspaces and instead of cruising down the street in a nice row with the windows rolled down, you may see a line up to use the microwave during lunch.  Thrilling, I know! There's more. Like a car club, each office member plays a role in maintaining, repairing, restoring, driving or simply has an interest in the particular office for the type that it is.  As clubs go, an office consists of a group of people who share a common interest in that office.  Pretty simple really. It's been quite a long time since I've been in such a club or group and I wasn't planning on joining an office, but a good friend of mine told me about this particular member opening and I couldn't help but try to get in.  And in I am.

By joining, my daily routine has been rocked a bit and it's just now that I'm getting back into the rhythm of normalcy.  Of course, the kids are on their summer break so that's also playing a part in my wonky schedule.  The Boy got hired at the yummy bakery/cool coffee dive shop and he's still working on getting his driver's license so there's that too. So, with "all of things" that's happening and with the progressive incline to projects (a-hem, income) then why join this office? 

Let's break this down.

I'm doing pretty much the same exact thing that I would normally be doing working from home - photography, content creation, design, social media management with bonuses like an interactive wall which you'll probably hear about and see on my Insta stories.  My 25-hour-weekly paycheck from this j-o-b is the equivalent to:

  • one product shoot (12-15 hours of work) a week or
  • 3 and half design jobs (6-7 hours of work) a week or
  • 4 photo sessions a week (4-8 hours)

Although it seems like I will be working more hours at the office, I won't be doing any marketing, sales, follow-ups with potential clients to close them to become clients, putting bids together, tweaking bids, sending invoices and reminders to pay the invoice sent. Which is what it will take to get those jobs. With those hours at the office, I am still able to go after jobs outside the office that meet my overall goals.  The math just makes sense. I now have the peace of mind each week that I don't have to land:

  • one product shoot (12-18 hours of work) or
  • 3 and half design jobs (6-7 hours of work) or
  • 4 photo sessions a week (4-6 hours)

Some may ask why I would want to work for a "boss" and my response to that is, "aren't all of my clients my boss?".  To others, it may look like I'm taking a step back but actually I see it as a funtastic (see what I did there) stepping stone to getting to where I want.  It's not for everyone, just like mom groups or gyms aren't for everyone, but it can be helpful in achieving certain things and I hope this will help me fine tune my skills, make deeper connections offline - I love ya'll but I can't exactly see what you're having for lunch everyday and I can't question if you're actually wearing the outfit you posted 25 minutes ago - and be part of something where everyone has a common goal. 

If you were in the same boat, where you had the option to continue working for yourself or take on a part time gig working for someone else on a regular basis, what would you do -  join an office club or nah?