Hashtag Tuesday Inspirations

As you know, I am an Insta-junkie. If we're not connected on Instagram - let's! And while we're at it, let's talk about my newest Instagram chat - #TuesdayInspirations.  We all know about Man Crush Monday, Woman Crush Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Friday Introductions, so why not keep the inspiration going on Tuesday's? I've invited a few movers and shakers to join me in this chat where we will answer one question in hopes to inspire you to move it and shake it.  I know the highs and lows of being a solopreneur or small business owner, and as good as I am motivating myself, surrounding myself with like-minded peeps is the best way getting me out of any funk or to stay inspired.

9 Boss Babes You Don't Want to Miss on the 1st #TuesdayInspirations:

1. Amanda, @downsupsteacups has a gentle approach to her posts.  As part of her audience, I feel love, comfort and simplicity with her minimalist style showcasing her creative, daily life.

2. Giselle, @notjustawriter, is a multi-tasking beast with tons of energy.  You can read my Take Note interview with her here to get more insight on her.

3. Kris, @simplykriswitt, is the city girl living life on her quaint farm in Northern Cali with a side hustle that you cannot say no to - at least I couldn't, read about it here.

4. Kriska Marie, @kriskamarie, has the most mouth-watering posts with her foodie reviews and scenic views of her beautiful surroundings in Dubai.

5. Leah, @simplyposhpaper, proves everyday that snail mail is not dead by putting her colorful imagination on paper for everyone to share with their favorite people.

6. Lisa, @lisa_medina_fitness_fusion, keeps you motivated to stick to your health and fitness goals and inspired to stay in God's word.  If you're ready to get a whoopin, Lisa's your girl.

7.  Maribel, @warriorlife_style, will always be my hope bearer as she and my son share a rare kidney disease and she showed me how there is hope with this sickness. Her posts are full of fun, family and overcoming obstacles.

8. Priscilla, @priscillamarie.days, reminds me to dream, to get outside, to love, and to embrace what the day has planned.  As I follow her, I feel the gentleness in her approach to life.

9. Tyra, @lifewonderfullydesigned, encourages and empowers us to rise up by sharing with us her relationship and love with Christ.

#TuesdayInspirations will launch Tuesday morning with the help of these ladies.  Grab your coffee and follow the chat around the block as each babe will tag the next until you're back where you started.  It's been said to surround yourself with those who will lift you higher, if Instagram is your jam, I encourage you to follow each one of these beautiful ladies because that is exactly what each of them do for me.

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