I Used My Daughter + Had A Blast

A week after my Grandpa's memorial, it was the Middle Child's birthday party.  She asked to celebrate before school got out for the summer since a lot of her friends leave town right away.  At the time that I agreed, I was in the middle of helping get the memorial service together. As soon as the service was over, I wanted to lay in bed all day.  Then I saw my calendar and saw that I had 5 days to prepare for my daughter's party.  She is the sweetest, kind-hearted, ever helpful, somewhat sassy, and up and coming Jane-of-all-trades; she deserved the most glamorous camping sleepover birthday in all the land.

So, I locked it up and got to work. Within 24 hours, my heart was better.  I used my daughter's celebration to pull me out of a haze and it worked.  I had a blast and by the look of things, she and her friends enjoyed going glamping.