Employee to Entrepreneur: How I Got Started.

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when we were a party of four and just about to become a party of five, the Hubs didn't like the idea of my entire paycheck going straight to childcare.  The question then became, how could I quit my job and still make an income? I mean, I've asked myself this question quite a few times in my life, but never really seeked the answer.  Until that moment.  

We were outgrowing our home so as the Hubs went on a house hunt, I went on my own hunt for answers to the following questions:

  • What can I sell or provide that people need?
  • That I can do from home?
  • While I took care of my kids?

Then one night, while the Hubs and I were brainstorming, I literally saw the light bulb turn on above his head. "What about daycare?" he said; "People need it, you can do it from home and you'll already be with the kids, so why not?"  I scoffed at the idea.  Like in-yo-face, ain't-gonna-happen kind of scoffed.  I'm pretty sure, my exact words were, "I don't even like kids dude. Duh. I may be pregnant buddy, but don't let that fool you." {My then 6 year old was in ear shot and his face may have been that of one who feared his life.}

The next day, I Googled.  And Googled. And Googled a little more.  And the Know-It-All Husband was right. It was a very good option.  I told the Hubs that I crunched numbers and ate my words, which tasted like vinegar by the way, and his house hunt then became a game. The goal, a bigger home to accommodate the family and a daycare.  

I had specifics and if he couldn't meet those specifics, no daycare.  No matter what the numbers say.  All or nothing.  He met all of my requirements.

Darn it.

The next few months were a blur.  Ready for it? Here we go:

  • March: signed docs.  We owned the home.  Expected move in date? April
  • May: Moved in home. Had the Boy's birthday party.
  • June: Had the Middle One's 1st birthday party and started collecting items for the daycare.
  • July: Built the daycare area, started marketing and the licensing process.  Oh, and the Littlest One was born. 
  • September: Licensing didn't show up.  All of my spots were filled. Before we opened doors.
  • October: Hired assistant.  Opened doors.

The next few years with the daycare became years of adjustment. Adjustment to the growing family, adjustment to the Hub's work schedule, my daycare schedule, the Boy's school schedule and where he fit in this whole crazy circus. I made tons of mistakes, I lacked sleep from having babies 13 months apart, I was going batty from hearing wheels on the bus and herding toddlers for circle time, and the diapers - dear Jesus, the diapers.  But, here comes the silver lining, with the assistant working mostly with the daycare kids, I was able to be with my babies, I got to attend the Boy's awards ceremonies, I could go grocery shopping in peace, and at the end of the day, I was making a profit from home.  Those were my magic beans.  I was hooked.  I don't know exactly when it happened, but it happened sometime between collecting my first client contract to depositing checks during the 6th year being in business, I became unemployable and simply became an entrepreneur.

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