Embrace the Current You

The Dove Real Beauty Campaign

The Dove Real Beauty Campaign

"I'll wear better and nicer clothes once I feel good about my body." 

Have you heard that statement before in some form or variation?  Was it your inner voice speaking, a friend, a family member or even a stranger you overheard? 
I am not going to lie that there's always a  part of me that still wishes for my 20 year old body.  There are people that I admire who never seem to age and maintained their figure through the decades.  I'm not guessing that they look that way because they’re lucky or have a fast metabolism or the blame it on the genes story.  Truth of the matter is,  they are more disciplined with their exercise routine and just live a much healthier lifestyle than me.   
That is both admirable and motivating.  I may or may not return to that exact same figure but I'm on a journey to look better and healthier, mind and body. 
Your journey and goals might be different or we might be on a very similar path.  One of the things I observe and I try to completely fight is the tendency to be sloppy, unattached, disinterested when it comes to appearance.  Do we automatically get a free pass to not make an effort?    
I know that the biggest body transformations I will experience was when I became pregnant.  I promised myself that whatever happens,  I will commit to looking my best during pregnancy and even after giving birth.  That’s one of the reasons why I started my blog,  I want to hold myself accountable to that commitment and started taking outfit photos.  Regardless of the shape I am in,  I learned to embrace and love my body and made sure I am presentable.   Achieving my desired fitness goals is a long process but throughout the journey I will not waiver and think “aaah forget it, I’ll just dress better when I lose the pounds!”.  Extra pounds or not, I dress for the shape I currently have.  
I'm no psychologist but it leads me to wonder why we think that we'll reserve dressing fabuluous once we lose those final 10 pounds?  Or  why do we hold off showing our best selves on a daily basis until we let our hair grow or add a few muscles or washboard abs? 
Fear. Who is not afraid to be judged?  We take comfort in the tried and tested.  If you're a forever sneakers and mama jeans, why deviate from that formula?  Even though you're dying to try those awesome patterned pants or would like to dabble in accesorizing, the fear of being ridiculed, laughed at or just be noticed for doing something different automatically shuts down what other thoughts you're entertaining. 
Unfamiliar. Very similar to fear,  people hate taking risks and experimenting.  You already made up your mind that you will keep your long hair.  You'd probably benefit from a shorter do that could hide the thinning hair or receding hairline but hell no.  Short hair is unfamiliar territory and you're not dipping your toes in that pond. 
Age. I, for one, am old uh huh.  Not that old to be out of the bingo cards but age does play a difference in someone's confidence.  If one is smart,  it could work for them.  I follow a lot of women 10 to 20 years older than me and just allow myself to be inspired by their blogs or Instagram feeds.  On the other end of the spectrum would be ladies who act and look like they are a decade older than their real age!   
Other PrioritiesThe world we live in is filled with priorities left and right.  And most women, mothers or wives or even a single lady focused on her career, will put style on the back burner.  If you're a mother of several kids who has a chaotic daily schedule,  looking good is the last in the agenda.  Some would even consider focusing on yourself would be a little bit selfish, and they never putting themselves first before their kids or spouses.  
There are a hundred and one other reasons or excuses why but I'm stopping here.  It’s time we focus on ourselves and let go of all the fears, hesitation, issues (made up or not).  I am a firm believer that if you are happy, it is so much lighter and easier to love everyone around you.   I always say that I take good care of myself so that I can take good care of others.   I’m not saying if you don’t, ergo, you are one unhappy motherdaughter or sister! No.  But listen and trust me on this,  feeling good and looking good when combined together will bring out the such awesome attitude in you.   
Don’t wait for the pretty. You ARE ALREADY pretty! Embrace the current you and rid yourself of doubts regardless of size, shape or form. Eliminate negative thoughts that you’re not good enough to dress it up today.  Face the mirror and tell yourself that it’s time to celebrate life.  Ditch the old boring scared you and enjoy each day one fabulous outfit at a time.   
Hey girlfriend, you know you are awesome, right? Don't give yourself another excuse not to look your best today nor tomorrow. 


About the Author: 

I’m Karen and I write about my life and my style at Mrs.LookingGood.  A Sacramento mom trying to balance being a Thrifty & Stylish blogger, Mamapreneur and Playdate Guru!  

“Life is too short for Mom sweats and sneakers. We can all look fantastic as a frugal fashionista!” 

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