Do What You Love to Do

Take a moment and and think about all of the things that you love to do. What are they? Say two or three of them out loud right now.  Ha! Out loud!

One of the things on my list to to be on some tropical beach, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, warm sand between my toes, hearing the waves and my monkeys laughing and a banana colada in my hand.  Happily I can share that just a few days ago, the Hubster purchased our tickets to Puerto Vallarta.  I am thrilled!

A gallery showcasing my work where my circus and I can get dolled up to attend, working with missionaries providing need overseas and working arm-in-arm with local organizations empowering the local community to move lives forward are a few more things on my list.

Now back to you.  What are a few more things you would love to be doing - think about them. Picture those things in such detail you can almost smell it (feel the sand between your toes!). Are you doing the things you love? Are you taking the steps necessary to do so? Whether it is in your business or in your personal life, make sure that you love what you do. You may not love it every day, because neither business or life are perfect, but the good days should definitely outweigh the bad. If they don’t, make a change.  

And if you need a little more motivation and inspiration for the day, watch this video by Jeetly Petite:

It's your turn.  It's your time. This is your opportunity to live up to your God-given potential and do what you love to do!

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