Running Through Vultures

I've dedicated my Saturday mornings to longer runs.  Typically, it's the day of the week that I push myself by running a mile or two more than I had been during the week.  This last Saturday, as I ran outside of my neighborhood for more distance, I saw some vultures circling above my trail.  Have you seen vultures? I wasn't sure if that's what they were  because well, I don't keep up with such things.  I've seen hawks and pigeons, so vultures are a little out of my league but I'm guessing that's what they were and there they were, all three of them.  As I got closer, one landed with it's back turned to me and I started to get nervous.  It was HUGE.  Like, have you seen me? I know I have a great dane but let's not bring that up now.  Anyhow, I wanted to turn around but I continued my pace and decided to stomp my feet as I got closer to it.  I was only a few feet away when it took off and the world was well once again.

My jam came on.  I turned up the volume. Picked up the pace.  I got my head back into my run and like that [insert snap here], I forgot about the vultures.

Isn't that what happens? We are doing our thing, on this great path, and then something or someone appears and scares the bajeesus out of us? We collect ourselves and forget it even happened? On my way back into my neighborhood however, I saw all three vultures on the ground - 2 on the right of the trail and 1 on the left of the trail.  As I got closer, the one on the left was dragging something.  The two on the right took off as I approached and the one on the left continued to drag this thing.  The bird was more than half way across my path and the nasty thing it was dragging was now on the path.  

Sure, maybe it's not that scary to some, but gross and disgusting really just isn't my thing.  I didn't want to see it, the path was somewhat on an incline with overgrown grass on both sides so I couldn't just go around it.  I had to go through it.  I wanted it to fly away like it's grody friends but it wasn't going to let go of whatever it got it's beak into.  I started stomping my feet again but that didn't make it leave.  I began to slow down trying to figure out what to do next.  And then it came to me. So simple. Like duh.

Lock it up and keep going.

So I did.  When I got about 3 feet away, the vulture took off leaving this bloody carcass in the middle of my path which I tried to ignore as I ran passed it.  I don't know whether or not the birds came back for it, I'm guessing they did but I didn't look back.  Shortly after, I turned the corner and eventually found myself back home.  Then, seriously, it was like a light bulb above my head.  I'm pretty sure if you were looking at me in that moment, you would've seen an actual light bulb.  This is life with goals and dreams and wants and the occasional vulture (or three) who show up to freak you out, slow you down, or scare you enough to make you turn around.  Vultures or fill in the blank will get in the way and may distract you whatever it is you're running toward.  Don't let it.  Vultures aren't even there because of you.  They're there for a completely other reason.  So lock it up, keep going and don't look back.

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