Building [My Business] Was Trial & Error

My name is Jillian and I am the owner and creator of Jillibean's Boutique. I'm that girl who spends her days hand stamping away, making jewelry you dream up for me! If you're unsure of what hand stamping is exactly, it's when force is applied to a handheld (metal) stamp using a hammer. It's such a beautiful way to personalize something. Each impression is always different and always unique. 

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to follow along with me and Sarah!
This is the tell all on how Jillibean's Boutique came about.

So here I go.

Early one morning I found myself on Pinterest. As many of us ladies do, I was goofing around looking at DIY's when I stumbled across a necklace stamped with 
names. I read into the details and saw that this necklace was made by hand and not a machine. It was stunning! Sure, I could have ordered one, but what fun is that?

I'm always up for a new challenge! 

At this point, I was bursting with ideas! I loved the look of stamping and the process involved.  I spent hours researching how to stamp and what supplies were needed.  I asked questions to sellers I bought supplies from, watched YouTube tutorials, and Googled any information I could. 

Building Jillibean's Boutique was all "trial and error" at first. I wasted a lot of money and messed up A LOT! That's the price of self teaching. I started making necklaces and keychains for friends and coworkers. I would listen to their ideas and take any feedback they had to offer, negative or positive. My loved ones encouraged me to take that "big step" and start selling my jewelry. My intention was never to sell my work. I just wanted to create my own jewelry. That's it!  With some convincing, Jillibean's Boutique was born.

At the time, I wished I could have been more creative with my boutique name, but when I think about it now, it's really quite fitting. The people closest to me have never called me Jillian, they've always called me "Jilly" or "Jillibean." It stuck!

Juggling a full time job, being a full-time mommy and wife, I couldn't focus as much time as I wanted toward my business. I created pieces  here and there, but things didn't really take off until we decided to move to Canada in the Summer of 2013. My husband was born and raised in BC and we decided to take the plunge and move to Canada. I was not able to work until my paperwork was processed for my residency, so I had  A LOT of free time. In between cleaning and school/activities for our son, I was able to really be creative. Being alone in another country gave me the time to put all my energy into my work. During that year, I perfected my technique and Jillibean's Boutique was in full swing. Instagram gave me the opportunity to really get myself out there! I've met some of the most hardworking and humble people through social media. I've never seen so many creative individuals until I joined the Instagram community. I feel lucky to be amongst those individuals.

Now, I'm back in Las Vegas and I'm busy as ever. I've been working on a project with an amazing company called, "Trendy Treehouse". Without their patience and talent, this project would not exist.  I have officially jumped on the screen printing boat and couldn't be more excited to share my t-shirt design with all of you!

The "Winter means" design I've been working on will be available for pre-order this week! Sizes will range from infant to adult sizes and will come with a free gift with purchase! Please follow along with me via Instagram for the details of this pre-order. I hope you enjoy this design as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

Once again, Sarah, thank you for your support, your kind words, and your friendship.



About the Author: 

I’m Jilli and I specialize in custom, hand stamped jewelry and accessories.  Visit my etsy shop today and let's connect on Instagram!