Brand Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

I know! Why do you have to be a brand?? These days, professionals like lawyers and accountants with a degree (or two) are choosing to working independently.  Freelancing isn't just for the creative mind anymore; contract work is up for grabs in industry after industry after industry.  As a matter of fact, the Harvard Business Review calls this "The Rise of the Super Temp".  I saw this first-hand while working with a co-working space - their clientele varied from divorce mediator to pastry chef to architect and they all worked from home except when meeting clients. With this rise, you better believe that independent workers are increasingly strategic and branding is part of their strategy.

Big companies aren't the only ones who are well aware of and have complete understanding of this principle - Oprah, Michael Jordan, Drew Barrymore, along with other celebs have branded themselves and it's time we take a lesson from the big brands if we want to stand out in this brand world.  If you are working independently or have a side gig, branding needs to be part of your strategy.  It's that simple. And that hard. And that inescapable.

So where do you start?

2 Options to Brand Yourself

  1. Brand you and embody your business or service and mission with you as the name and image being front and center of everything the business tackles. Or
  2. Brand your product or service as a business yet it is tightly connected to the persona of you, the leader.

An example of this would be Jessica Alba and The Honest Company.  She's accomplished both options above with flying colors on Instagram. Check this out:

IG JAlba.jpg

As you can see in Jessica Alba's page, she incorporates everything she does and has created her brand by putting herself in the center of all things Jessica Alba - family, fitness, business, outings..etc. Then with The Honest Company's page, it's all business but has the sass that you get from Jessica's page.  

So for example, if you have an Etsy shop selling jewelry, you can either brand all things you - let everyone get to know how crazy, sexy, cool you are and your jewelry comes along with the package or you can brand your jewelry business and throw your crazy, sexy, coolness vibe with it. Can you dig it?

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