Being in the Moment

Ok, so last month I talked about the moment being normal and that it was { is } enough. Read it here.  Each moment accumulates building experiences, memories.  Sometimes, a moment passes by and doesn't even hit our memory bank.  And that's ok too. I don't believe anyone can actually live in the moment all the time.  There may be some who have the practice down of living in the moment longer than the rest of us, but when you're thinking about the past or the future, the being in the moment is forgotten.

Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them.
— Alan Watts

How often have you driven your kids to school without thinking about it? Or made dinner? Eaten dinner without really tasting it? It's often that we let our day pass us by while our thoughts are elsewhere.  Now that you're here, you are now aware of being mindful to the moments around you. The breeze passing by as you're getting into your car. The dog snoring by the back door.  The child enjoying a dance.  The aunt in the next room, who's laughter is bigger than life itself.

One of my favorite perks of shooting events, and photography itself really, is it forces me to pause, look around, and see; to find the moment that could just be overlooked and help put it in someone's memory bank. To help inspire you to pause and see the moment, here are 6 great examples of what you may find when you do.

Want to see more of my collection of moments? Here ya go friend.

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