Maybe She's Born with It. Or Maybe Not.

With the new year comes new resolutions, new outlooks, new gym memberships - I know this because my gym is packed right now.  Usually I moan and groan about resolutioners and look forward to when they stop showing up. Mean, I know. I'm sorry. And because I'm sorry, this year, I've resolved on having a new outlook on new gym members and cheer them on! I hope that this time, these habits become part of their lifestyle and lead them down a new healthy road! With that being said, healthy doesn't mean the cover of fashion mags because let's be real, those models are not. There's quite a bit of touch ups that are made when working with models. It's just how the industry works. Don't get me wrong, there are a few out there who are born with it but the majority are not. And here, I will share with you some before and afters of some beautiful people before and after I mess with their images.

For the last year, I've been arguing with myself on whether or not I should even do this post. The purpose of it is to alleviate any pressure you've placed on yourself about looking "good" but there's the whole, exposing my clients in their au naturale thing, but whatever right? Even the most confident has an "OMG-what's-happening-to-my-body" freak out moment. It's true. I've worked with some pretty confident and even very fit women and they've all had a moment of weakness where they give in to the media's view of "perfect" or "beautiful".  We're here now, so obviously I lost the argument to post or not to post to myself, so let's just do this shall we?

We'll start here with minor adjustments.  She was beautiful inside and out and actually very happy with how she was put together. Although, she had two little children at the time (3 and 4 years old), she was also on a strict chicken and fish diet, ran 5 miles six days a week, worked out with her fitness trainer boyfriend 4 days week.  She. Worked. Hard. She's a freelance make-up artist and part-time print and promotional model.  Her fitness regimen was just part of her job.

Yes, guys fall into this image thing also.  Again, we have minor adjustments here, mostly touching up the skin on his face.  He was a part-time student and model heading to New York City to study fashion and art. 

This was such a great shoot, one of my faves hands down because she was so open to concepts.  Here there are some more body enhancements than the last two images. She was single, no kids, worked out 3 days a week, open diet and she worked in an office 40-50 hours a week.

I wanted to share this one because I really wanted to show you what changes can really happen at my desk with a few strokes without busting out with some nude photos to make the point. (Yes, I have those in my archives. No, I will not share them.) She was a student who was a part-time promotional model, no workout routine - she was 23, no diet, no kids.  Although, she already had a body that most women would be very happy with, in her industry, the photos needed to show something different. 

The bottom line, they're not born with it and it's not even Maybelline - it's Photoshop or some other image editing software that someone knows how to use.  So, as you're on your couch trying to decide whether or not you should go to the gym or run that mile - YES! DO IT! It's good for you and you'll feel so good afterwards.  But, please don't look at yourself in the mirror and think bad thoughts of yourself because you don't look photo shoot ready - the people in these shots weren't either.  I helped them get that way without them doing a single thing differently in their daily routine. Don't be beautiful like them, be beautiful like you.  And while you're doing that, let's shoot! Holla at me!