Colors with Light + Shadows

This is a difficult introduction for me which is why it's taken me so stinking long to post it. There are so many ways an impression can be made and yet, you only have one chance for a first great impression. That's a lot of pressure for little ol' me.  Here's the dilemma, I want to introduce you to a student of photography, a lover of arts, a friend to a cat named Melody...she's the one who took the photos of me you can find around here.  And truly, she's the bomb diggity.

I could go traditional and say, "I've known this aspiring creative since before she was born.." But that has somewhat of a God-complex hidden in there somewhere, even though I did miss a full day of school making tiny teddy bear cakes for her Mom's baby shower so the statement is true.

Of course, there's the balloon-drop-high-energy approach, "Not only is she a student at OUR local university, but the next BIGGEST thing behind a camera!!" Except I haven't had enough coffee for all that today.

After some major consideration, I've decided to take the Fresh Prince approach.

Ready? Here we go. 

Now, this is a story all about how
I met this chick in her senior year
I'd like to take a minute
Just lend me your ear 
And I'll tell you how I got to know Aly Bambi

Right. After some quick reconsideration, I believe the best way to introduce her to you is by sharing { in images } why I dig her alot.

She is all of the above-mentioned things:

  • The bomb diggity
  • Coolest baby ever. Or at least for the one day I babysat her and took her to the mall.
  • Student of photography. In all cases possible.
  • Lover of arts
  • Student at the local U
  • Buds with Melody the cat
  • Uses light and shadows to color her world

She's taking advantage of the skills given to her and I hope you take advantage too.  Think of Aly next time you are in need of images for your site or for this year's annual family session.  Think of Aly next time you need images of Sacramento to display in your office or need someone to capture your special event.  Think of Aly next time you hear the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

Then hit her up.

Before it's too late!

Do it now >> contact Aly.