A Love Inspired

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Ever have those days that start out totally normal and then while you're mid-sip of your morning coffee, an idea pops into your head and it just grows in minutes into this full fledged new project? Honestly, when I was younger, I loved when this happened. Now, I have to mom myself and be like, "when exactly will you fit this in your already project packed day??" This actually happened last Thursday and here it is Monday evening and thoughts are still in my mind, so - why not?

Here, my friends, is project numero 9034 (not really, but I think you get the gist).

A Love Inspired. A lifestyle portrait series of couples doing mushy love things. Nothing where I can't share it on social media and my 17 year old be like, "whoa mom" because embarrassing my kid in that manner is not even on my to-do list. But I do want to capture in-the-moment-sweet-nothings of real couples doing real things. I say this because I've done countless engagement sessions in fields and parks and old towns that couples don't normally visit or have ever been to ever; having them stand and pose in ways that they've probably never done.  Although it might have made a cute photo for save-the-dates or engagement announcements, it's not that Christmas card cover kind of love that inspires this photo series.

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I want to capture Saturday morning breakfast being made, lazy afternoons on the couch, date night in with a six pack and pizza on the fire escape. Since stepping away from doing weddings, I've mainly worked with models and bloggers and I am missing that love connection like no other.

So, if you want to be part of this project series, hit me up for deets so we can get you in the calendar before calendars get crazy busy with the holiday hustle. Like really, do it now.

I am excited about this series and I've always put deadlines on projects, but this one I'm keeping open simply because I don't think there should be a deadline or ending to capturing something that is love inspired. Am I right?

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