The Journey. My Manifesto.

In a land called Childhood, there was this girl who enjoyed coloring, drawing and telling stories.  She got lost in books that spoke of heroes and adventures that she would dream about all night and wake only wishing for more.  

As she got older, she moved to other lands called Teen Years and Early Adulthood.  They weren't the happiest of lands as she learned that the books she read back in Childhood were only to be lived in her dreams. She had met people from College, Nightlife and Corporate.  Although they seemed to be as unfulfilled and lost, she turned to them for advice. She was told by those from College and Corporate that getting a good education and a good job was the answer to life-long fulfillment and success.  Those from Nightlife didn't say much, but every morning they were in a state that seemed to leave them worse than the day before which assured her that finding a career and sticking to it was the one true path.  To achieve it, she must set aside her dreams from Childhood and forget about them.

So she tried. Many things. 

She became a trainer for a Fortune 500 company.  She even enjoyed that for a while. She became an administrative assistant. A promoter. A Controller's assistant.  A small business owner.  And a few other things in between.

As she made the journey to find the one thing she was supposed to find, she encountered many scary, fearsome things like Confusion, Self-Doubt, Disappointment, Failure, and Endless Choices.  Yet each time, she battled these frightening creatures, and she emerged a bit stronger with a deeper knowledge of herself.

Along the way, she discovered that although her College and Corporate advisers had meant well, they were wrong.  As she searched beyond the heroes and their adventures, she realized that her favorite stories from Childhood all had one thing in common. They all traveled to the land of Possibilities.  By choosing one thing and sticking with it meant she would need to ignore her love of exploring Possibilities.  One day, as she was contemplating whether or not this was the land for her, she saw the Chosen One.  She didn't recognize Him right away because she had met Him back in Childhood and was too busy to notice His presence in College or any other land. They chatted for a little while, hugged and rekindled their friendship.  She asked the Chosen One for some wisdom.  He told her that she was built for greatness and given a spirit that does not make her timid, but gives her power, love and self-discipline. That no matter what she decided to do, as long as she tapped into that greatness and followed the spirit she was given, she will always be Sarah.  

With this wisdom, Sarah gave herself permission to try things, jobs, hobbies, businesses, ideas - if and when she wanted.  If and when it felt right to her.  Almost instantly, her world became infinitely interesting because she made choices with her true self.

Of course the story isn't over yet.  As with all good stories, the end is just the beginning. Much more is waiting to be embraced, created and loved.

Nor is your story over.  

You may feel like you need to make up your mind or choose the one thing that will bring you the most satisfaction or success.  You may feel like you are in the midst of battling fearsome creatures.  You may feel like you've forgotten that you had a choice to begin with.  Like Sarah, you were born for greatness and given a spirit that can withstand the ugliest creatures.  Like Sarah, you can explore the land of Possibilities and embrace what it holds for you.  

Go forth. Explore. Make choices. Do things. And always use your greatness for good.

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