3 Steps to Living a More Joy-Filled Life

You caught me. I am not sharing one of my typical Beauty posts. I won’t be giving you tips on hair care, eyeliner, or the best loofa for smooth skin. This post, however, is directly related to beauty. After all, who can resist the beautiful, radiant smile that comes from a joyful heart?

To have joy is to shine, to be bright, to be glad.  Merriam Webster defines Joy as the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune. I want that. 

The following steps really help keep me focused on what produces joy in my life.

1. Be Grateful.

Thank God for everything. Any success I experience is His doing. Anything I lack is for my own good. There have been many times I was disappointed that I didn’t have something I really wanted, only to find out later that it wouldn’t have been good for me at all. I would have missed a better blessing had I received that thing I thought I couldn’t live without. I don’t always know what is best for me, but Thank God, He does. 

Thank Others. I must use my manners, dig deep and be gracious. I need to remember the lessons my parents taught me and always say Please and Thank You. It is easy to take things for granted. When we receive a gift or polite gesture, it should always be acknowledged. In my experience, the act of gratitude itself can often produce happiness.

2. Be Honest. 

I must be truthful with God, others, and myself. I recall that commandment: Thou Shalt not Lie. I believe it was not a suggestion. It was given for our benefit. Dishonesty is harmful in so many ways. It causes division in relationships and it often perpetuates more dishonesty – like a big, ugly cycle of deceit. The baggage of dishonesty can be really heavy.

Honesty, on the other hand, is refreshing. It can be difficult to face life’s truths sometimes, but honesty can help clear the road ahead. When I am open and honest with others, it gives them permission (and often the courage) to be honest with me, too. Want to free your spirit? Don’t hold grudges. Confront issues in honesty and love and experience enriched relationships. 

3. Use Your Gifts For Good.

This step is all about finding what makes your heart sing and then using your talents to improve the world around you. Not sure what your gifts are? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you love to do? 
  • What do you think about doing daily, even if you don’t actually DO it?
  • If money were no object, what would you do with your time?
  • What are you good at, whether it is lucrative or not?

Once you focus on your gifts, decide on a motto or mantra for your life. Do you have a life Mission Statement or Vision Statement? If not, I urge you to sit down and write one. After pondering my gifts and considering what truly makes me happy, I wrote my vision statement:

Inspiration and Enrichment Through Creative Visual Communication.

Inspiring and encouraging others by using my creativity (my gifts) should be the ultimate focus for any job or task I have in front of me.  

These 3 steps help me find real joy in my own life. I hope that you find them useful for your life, as well. I’d love to hear what steps you take to produce joy in your own life. Please share.

Peace, Love, and Beauty,


This article was written exclusively for Always, Sarah by Jodi aka The Beauty Lady. A 30 year salon professional, Jodi is the author of Go Inspire Beauty, where she offers beauty advice, tips, tricks, and product recommendations to help you look and feel your best. She also authors Go Inspire Creative, where she inspires the Creative with posts about Art, Design, and Photography. You can join her on social media @goinspirebeauty .