29 Blog Topics While Cooking Korean Pork Ribs

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In the last 6 months, I've really been going back and forth on where to take this blog.  That's just the approximate time frame of actually thinking about it but even before then, I was somewhat unsure and I stopped sending newsletters. 

Questions like, should I just make this about photography? All the great photographers that I look up to don't even have a blog and the ones who do, only post their recent work. If I continue with the hustle lifestyle posts, should I just do it once a month? But to stay relevant in Google, I should really be posting 2-3 times a month. Does this blog still even fit my lifestyle? Yes, I read lifestyle blogs all the time, it's part of my lifestyle. If I dedicate my time to it, truly dedicate time, and it becomes big, would it be satisfying to me or is that just a shiny object that I want to put on the shelf? I would cherish it. Throughout this time, while I argued with myself, I would get a new subscriber and I would basically yell at myself, "See? See??" because I haven't dedicated time to it, but still attracting people.

In the last month, the Hubs and I have really been talking about our short-term and long-term goals.  I mean, really discussing them not just dreaming about the future.  Because of these conversations, I've started searching for different things that fit into those goals and one of them has been listening to different podcasts in order to learn more about things like investments and income property.  In this time that I've been listening to podcasts, the weather has allowed the sun to come out and everything seems to be in bloom.  In this process of focusing my thoughts, organizing our money, putting away the boots and bringing out the flip flops - the decision to continue the blog as a hustle lifestyle blog came to fruition and almost as soon as I made the decision, I had a influx of headlines rush into my brain.  While I was cooking Korean pork ribs for dinner, I took the laptop out and just started typing out headlines - I know, not very enjoy the moment of just cooking dinner but I wasn't going to pass on taking advantage of the inspiration rush.  In case you don't know, coming up with stuff to write about isn't as simple as knowing what toothpaste to get when it's time to get toothpaste.  Not for me anyway, so I was going for it and now I have 29 headlines waiting in drafts to be expanded on plus, continuing with my Take Note series, I've already reached out to a handful of incredible creatives who are interested in the feature. Hashtag sweetness!

So, I guess this is my public service announcement to let ya'll know that I'm sticking around and not only am I sticking around, I am going full speed ahead baby. Here you'll find my personal journey of what works and what doesn't work or where I've failed and where I've succeeded in both my business and personal endeavors in hopes that we can relate in some way and you know you're not alone in this walk called life or maybe, possibly, even help you in your journey of loving the life you create. In addition of the Take Note series where we can learn from some goal getters, there are talks about launching podcast interviews with entrepreneurs in different industries because, eh why not? 

What kicks your butt in gear? Life events? Surroundings? Music? Podcasts? Books? Let me know in the comments what gets your gears turning! AND in case you're wondering, I only burned the first set of pork ribs and it was all still quite yummy.

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