Watch Out Gator Boys!

You may have heard of a wishlist" or "to do list", maybe even a "bucket list".  You may have one or two of your own.  Here, we refer this to the "Live Happy List" or simply my checklist of fun.   I read this story a while back about a university professor who shared his or her bucket list with the public by posting it up in the classroom.  It may have had 100 items listed, I'm not sure since it's been a few years and Google couldn't find this particular story for me.  Anyhow, as students, colleagues and guest speakers saw this list, they were able to help the professor accomplish these tasks.  It was a definitely a warm-fuzzy-feeling kind of an article which taught me that to accomplish great things, it takes a village.  Will you be my village?

Here's my list. You may or may not find the Gator Boys on that list.  Over time, it may change or you'll see it checked off. 

What's on your list? Maybe the village can help!

Post an image of your list on Instagram.  Tag me in and use "#checklistoffun".  


A Girl Inspired