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I solve problems through design + making things pretty.


Imagination and creativity played a big role in my childhood and looking around me, it hasn't really changed. Here, you will find what wakes up my imagination and where I help kickass creatives juggle life, work and wellness so that they can do more of what they LOVE. Instead of creating with pencils and markers, I now enjoy creating with light and laughter [ insert cheesy theme song here ].  

My background is in photography, design and social media strategy consulting, and content creation. I've been hashtag blessed to be able to pursue what I love for over eight years and I've found that the common denominator to be helping others. 


We all know that a camera doesn't make a great picture anymore than a typewriter writes a great novel. I am absolutely EXCITED and honored to bring your project to life! Collaboratively, we will do ordinary things only extraordinarily well.  So help me help you and holla at your girl!



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