Oh Snap!

We all know that a camera doesn't make a great picture anymore than a typewriter writes a great novel. I KNOW THAT I am absolutely EXCITED to HEAR ABOUT YOUR PROJECT + bring IT to life!


Flatlays + Product Photography

As a California brand marketer and photographer, I bring you experience capturing product and detail imagery for fashion or beauty blogs or brands. I am committed to every detail. I focus on production elements that make your project a success and deliver the high-quality result required within a branding project.

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Fashion + Blog Photography

With a transcendent passion for the magic of being a fashion photographer, I thrive capturing beautifully designed products, simple creative concepts, and selecting the perfect talent. Fashion photography allows me to bring the clothing to life and illustrate a story for the collection. 

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Lifestyle Photography

Whether projects take me out of California to Nevada, Texas or even the Philippines, being a lifestyle photographer utilizes one of my greatest strengths ~ bringing out the natural energy and personality of the subjects. Lifestyle photography allows a story to be told, whether it's a story of a family's Saturday afternoon, a bride shopping for the perfect dress, friends having a good time at the local bar, I'll be there to capture the emotional reaction that brings that story to life.