Always, Sarah

Creative Services

I'm not looking to be perfect, but to capture a moment.  My goal is to present you an an organic and honest experience.

  • Photography sessions begin at $125 for 30 minutes on location.
  • Branding consults start with a 20 minute video consultation at no cost.
  • Web design start at $300.

Social Media Management

Superstar.  I will create a custom content strategy based on your goals and brand image and provide high-quality content written in your voice and consistently post on the platform of your choice to maximize your visibility and to keep your pages professional, fresh and current.  Choose from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter content will post twice daily.

Champ.  In addition to the services listed in the Superstar package, I will proactively engage with your target audience to strengthen relationships and increase visibility. I will also create and grow a lively community consisting of your target audience, influencers and potential partners or collaborators.

Honcho.  Along with what the Champ package has to offer, I will identify and initiate contact with ideal prospects to promote lead development and quickly achieve your social media objectives with increased engagement and community building.

Micro-Influencer Services

Micro-influencers are not traditional celebrities, but rather individuals who work in their category or are truly knowledgeable, passionate and authentic and are seen as a trusted source when it comes to recommendations for what to buy. - Dr. Jonah Berger & The Kellar Fay Group

I am not a celebrity or even close to playing one on Netflix, but sharing information about brands and products that I love, believe in and can easily incorporate with my on-the-go-wife-and-mom lifestyle of photography, fitness, { mostly } clean living, and all things dreamy-chic is simply my jam.  Whether it's a custom blog post, Instagram post or story, or tweet, for as low as $25, I can help bridge your brand or product to my kickass audience of mostly 30-something + chicas who enjoy having a good time, looking good, staying fit and dreaming of their next vacation