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From a Small Snapseed, A Mighty Image May Grow

A few weeks ago, I partnered up with two fabulous local bloggers who prior to our partnership, took their own photos or had friends help them.  Through conversation, I found that they either don't use or rarely use a photo editor.  A few months ago, when the Bestie and I were together, she saw me using a photo editor on my phone to edit some photos we had just taken and she was so excited to install (for free) and use it.  So these reoccurring conversations have led us here my friends.  I use a photo editor on my phone people, and it's Snapseed.

It's super user-friendly and can do so much! Here is a behind-the-scenes photo I took on my phone this morning of my session with Lisa over at The Everyday Elevated.

Before Snapseed

Before Snapseed

And with some tweaking here and there....

{ Voila! }

After Snapseed

After Snapseed

We now have something usable for Instagram forever and ever.  Plus, it didn't take more than a couple of minutes to make the adjustments in the comfort of my car before leaving the scene.

Hope this is helpful for ya.

Happy Snapseeding!

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