Always, Sarah

{ Currently.. }

Each Sunday, I reflect on the previous week and think of how to make the upcoming week more productive, efficient, fun. With each new month, I think of goals; 

Taken by AB Photography

Taken by AB Photography

  • Where have I been?
  • Where am I going?
  • Where do I want to end up?
  • What do I need to tweak?
  • Do I still want what I wanted last month and am I on the right course?

I know. I'm exhausting. 

To get away from myself, I've found the best thing to do is to pause. Pause and think of what's going on currently. 

Join me.

{ Currently }

  • ..reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
  • ..watching Once Upon a Time, Castle, NCIS and the new Gotham and really diggin it.
  • ..trying to let go of some yucky feelings and get my schedule back on track.
  • ..studying the New Testament (yes, the whole thing) with the women's group and James with my small bible study group.
  • ..eating junk which is probably the cause of the yucky feelings so I'm working on breaking that cycle.
  • ..pinning mostly craft projects to my private board for the upcoming holidays.  Wait for it.
  • ..tweeting again. Slowly. Tweet with me? Maybe?
  • ..going on vacation not anytime soon.  Kids are on different track schedules which makes it crazy but also lots of transitions lately.  
  • ..loving the beautiful, creative, funny community of friends who continue to appear at the right moment.
  • ..discovering the incredible power of letting go and understanding that I'm on the journey.
  • ..enjoying running with the Boy.  We rarely have time to ourselves because the Littles are more demanding on my time, so it's nice to spend this time with just us.
  • ..thinking I really miss working with my camera and meeting some really fantastic people.
  • ..feeling overwhelmed and added pressure to find a better work-life balance.
  • ..listening to Joyce Meyer.  I listen to her daily and more on days that I need to get out of my head.  She helps me stay real and the 15-minute increments help me keep track of time.
  • ..thanking God for the crazy good life He's given me.  It's definitely crazy, but it's definitely good.
  • ..starting training for a half marathon.  Now that the weather's starting to cool down, I don't have to wait till crazy late hours to run.  I'm SO excited.

It's a process.  This is mine.  What's your's look like? Would love to know! Tell me about it!

Remember to Pimp Your Awesome and to sign up for your FREE GOODIES on your way out!

Remember to Pimp Your Awesome and to sign up for your FREE GOODIES on your way out!